Salonul de BD de la Brașov || The Comic Strips Salon in Brașov


Salonul de Bandă Desenată de la Brașov, la care am participat în urmă cu puțin timp, a fost una dintre cele mai plăcute și îmbucurătoare experiențe ale acestui an! Deși nu m-am numărat printre cei cinci câștigători ai acestei ediții, la invitația organizatorilor am participat la eveniment pentru a vorbi despre munca mea. Cu această ocazie am sărbătorit anul Centenarului în spirit artistic și am cunoscut mica noastră comunitate, arta BD care se produce în România și direcția ei de dezvoltare.

Și totul a început cu o minunată călătorie cu trenul de la București la Brașov, într-o zi frumoasă de început de octombrie 🙂

The Comic Strips Salon in Brașov that I attended earlier this month, was one of the most pleasant and heart-warming experiences that I have lived this year! Although I wasn’t chosen among the five winners of this year’s edition, the organizers kindly invited me to attend in order to speak about my work. This was an opportunity for me to celebrate the Centenary together with all the other artists and to meet and connect with them in order to strengthen our little community.

And it all started with a lovely journey by train from Bucharest to Brașov, on a beautiful early October day 🙂

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Sketches and studies

Strengthening my creative muscles 🙂

Photo reference practice (all photos used as reference belong to Michael Freeman)

A few color sketches from the past few days.

Sketches, scribbles, watercolors


Grandpa Dobri, the old beggar from Bulgaria. Google him… his story is astonishing…


Character below inspired by the novel “Quo Vadis” 




Three caricatures of Liam Neeson in “Kingdom of Heaven”


009 010 011

… and lots and lots of sketches in the airport…

012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019 020 021

Must. Practice. Drawing. Feet

023 024 025 026

On the train…

027 028 029 … and at the supermarket.

030 031 032 033

Sketches 2

Drawing with a ball point pen is a MASSIVE PAIN (=_=)… But I shall persevere because I need to discipline myself into drawing tidier. This is basically and exercise meant to help me pay more attention to details, shapes and construction. I have a tendency to draw (and even paint often times) directly in volumes, by using shadows and lights and lots of messy lines, so the construction is often lacking, being rather suggested … and while that looks quite pretty for a sketch, it really does not help me when trying to shift to painting realistic scenes (my main preoccupation at the moment).

These are random people I drew on the bus and in town. I was hoping to do a lot more but the rainy British weather does not allow for such luxuries.


IMG_9418 IMG_9419

In my defense these last few sketches were drawn on the bus, that’s why the line is all wobbly 😀


As much as my pen was resisting this purpose, I couldn’t stop shading! which resulted in me spoiling what could have been a wonderful, tidy sketch 😦
… I also wasted an extraordinary occasion of drawing a person that sat still for 20 mins…

IMG_9426 IMG_9427 IMG_9428