Salonul de BD de la Brașov || The Comic Strips Salon in Brașov


Salonul de Bandă Desenată de la Brașov, la care am participat în urmă cu puțin timp, a fost una dintre cele mai plăcute și îmbucurătoare experiențe ale acestui an! Deși nu m-am numărat printre cei cinci câștigători ai acestei ediții, la invitația organizatorilor am participat la eveniment pentru a vorbi despre munca mea. Cu această ocazie am sărbătorit anul Centenarului în spirit artistic și am cunoscut mica noastră comunitate, arta BD care se produce în România și direcția ei de dezvoltare.

Și totul a început cu o minunată călătorie cu trenul de la București la Brașov, într-o zi frumoasă de început de octombrie 🙂

The Comic Strips Salon in Brașov that I attended earlier this month, was one of the most pleasant and heart-warming experiences that I have lived this year! Although I wasn’t chosen among the five winners of this year’s edition, the organizers kindly invited me to attend in order to speak about my work. This was an opportunity for me to celebrate the Centenary together with all the other artists and to meet and connect with them in order to strengthen our little community.

And it all started with a lovely journey by train from Bucharest to Brașov, on a beautiful early October day 🙂

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Finally, my graduation project!

“Remember me” is the result of 4 months of dedicated and almost non-stop work. As I was saying in my previous post, this is a project I hold dear especially for the theme that I’ve approached in it. As with my other big project, “A story of hope for the bullied”, it was more the sense of responsibility towards the seriousness of the subject rather than the hard work itself, that represented the greatest challenge for me. I still feel like I did not even get close to doing justice to the subject, and as much as I don’t like coming up with excuses, had I had more time and any previous experience in animating I would’ve achieved a far better result and made the message a lot clearer and cinematographically more appealing… But what’s done it’s done, I’ll do better next time 🙂 Continue reading