“Rainbow” and WIP steps

A fearless kid and his little lamb after the storm 🙂

This illustration started as a random sketch but then the idea seemed too cute not to develop it further. I kept the sketch as it was, put it on overlay and painted below. I liked the spontaneous line of the sketch and didn’t want to polish it.

20 rainbow

Work in progress steps (click for larger resolution) :



New one

This is the piece that has kept me busy for the past 3 weeks. It’s a commission I did for my uni’s Fashion Society in the style of a fashion magazine photoshoot. For the girls’ clothes I was inspired by actual designer clothes researched in Bazaar.


And these are some sketches and steps. Initially there were 5 girls with different styles – elegant, romantic, punk-ish, haute-couture and dandy, but then the male members of their society felt discriminated by the lack of a male representative in the image so I had to change it 🙂

rock copy elegant copy dandy copy romantic copy


final changedPhotoshoot