Color Practice & Artists to Follow ||Schite in culoare si Artisti de urmarit


Good morning everyone!

I’m busily working on a new exciting graphic novel, which I am very anxious to tell you all about very soon! Until then, here are some color practices that I try to do as often as I can. Understanding and mastering color and light is, hands down, the most challenging issue of my practice.

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Colored blacks and Watercolor Sketches || Negruri colorate si Schite in Acuarela

watercolor sketch plein-air


A few days ago I bought myself a nice little box of Windsor & Newton watercolors. I love them, the colors are vibrant and rich, the box is cute, but they have two tiny flaws:

No. 1 –  the colors don’t dry very fast and remain a bit too gooey even hours after I stop using them; and because I mainly use them out and about and keep them in my bag, they move around in the box and get stuck to the lid;

No. 2 – there is no black color pan inside!!! And what do you do when life doesn’t give you a black color pan in your watercolor travel box? You effing mix that black yourself!  And this takes us to the subject of my little blog post today: colored blacks. This time I’m in a for a longer article because I think some of you might find this info useful.

What are colored blacks, how to mixed them and why to use them? Keep on reading.

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