The story of a blind lawyer and other studies

A couple of weeks ago I was commissioned to create a 1min long animatic for an upcoming documentary.  Mr. Dapo Osinaike, at , will we be documenting the life of a Nigerian lawyer who not only got a degree in law in home country, but also got his doctorate at Lancaster University in the UK, is a blogger and an executive secretary of the XN Foundation among many other things… and all of this despite being almost completely blind. His name is Dr. Ifeolu Omoniyi Akintunde.

Being part of a such a great project reinforced my belief that using ones skills to share a meaningful story and help make a difference or inspire people, it’s the most rewarding thing an artist could do.

Some of the images I created:

… and some more master studies



Just a quick post with practice sketches. To redeem for my long absence 🙂

These past few weeks have actually been full of amazing events: wonderful 2 weeks internship with LFH Illuminating Brands in London (thank you everyone!),  my animation was officially selected for 3 European animation festivals, got to see the legend of French animation – Michel Ocelot – talk about his brilliant, amazingly beautiful work and then cried myself to sleep at night for not having the courage to go and talk to him at the end (if you don’t know his work do look him up! you will be absolutely astonished),  I’ve got a story for my next comic strip which I’m very excited about (and put on hold the animation I was announcing in my previous post ^^’) and it all finally culminated with my getting over postgraduation stress 🙂 I discovered there’s no one chasing me with a stick to hurry up and get a job.

Sketches 2

Drawing with a ball point pen is a MASSIVE PAIN (=_=)… But I shall persevere because I need to discipline myself into drawing tidier. This is basically and exercise meant to help me pay more attention to details, shapes and construction. I have a tendency to draw (and even paint often times) directly in volumes, by using shadows and lights and lots of messy lines, so the construction is often lacking, being rather suggested … and while that looks quite pretty for a sketch, it really does not help me when trying to shift to painting realistic scenes (my main preoccupation at the moment).

These are random people I drew on the bus and in town. I was hoping to do a lot more but the rainy British weather does not allow for such luxuries.


IMG_9418 IMG_9419

In my defense these last few sketches were drawn on the bus, that’s why the line is all wobbly 😀


As much as my pen was resisting this purpose, I couldn’t stop shading! which resulted in me spoiling what could have been a wonderful, tidy sketch 😦
… I also wasted an extraordinary occasion of drawing a person that sat still for 20 mins…

IMG_9426 IMG_9427 IMG_9428