Color Practice & Artists to Follow ||Schite in culoare si Artisti de urmarit


Good morning everyone!

I’m busily working on a new exciting graphic novel, which I am very anxious to tell you all about very soon! Until then, here are some color practices that I try to do as often as I can. Understanding and mastering color and light is, hands down, the most challenging issue of my practice.

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Watercolor Paintings & My two cents on Digital Art vs Traditional Art

plein-air watercolor 3

I’ve been getting quite fond of working with watercolors lately 🙂 Also, plain-air studies are unbelievably soothing and therapeutic ❤

As much as I am aware of the clumsiness of my brushstrokes, with real paint and real brushes there doesn’t seem to be the same feeling of pressure weighting me down. Once the brushstroke is laid, in most cases, it is there to stay so all you can do is just enjoy the spontaneity of the process. The creative advantage of this, for me at least, is the fact that it forces me to put extra thought in every decision of color and brushstroke I make, because there is not Ctrl+z to undo it and I also can’t recreate the same images in 10 different style and color schemes, within a matter of hours.

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Colored blacks and Watercolor Sketches || Negruri colorate si Schite in Acuarela

watercolor sketch plein-air


A few days ago I bought myself a nice little box of Windsor & Newton watercolors. I love them, the colors are vibrant and rich, the box is cute, but they have two tiny flaws:

No. 1 –  the colors don’t dry very fast and remain a bit too gooey even hours after I stop using them; and because I mainly use them out and about and keep them in my bag, they move around in the box and get stuck to the lid;

No. 2 – there is no black color pan inside!!! And what do you do when life doesn’t give you a black color pan in your watercolor travel box? You effing mix that black yourself!  And this takes us to the subject of my little blog post today: colored blacks. This time I’m in a for a longer article because I think some of you might find this info useful.

What are colored blacks, how to mixed them and why to use them? Keep on reading.

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