“Uncle Bob Builds a Boat”

1 Bob

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a fun short animation for a private client, doing the concept art, backgrounds and some rotoscoped animation.

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Finally, my graduation project!

“Remember me” is the result of 4 months of dedicated and almost non-stop work. As I was saying in my previous post, this is a project I hold dear especially for the theme that I’ve approached in it. As with my other big project, “A story of hope for the bullied”, it was more the sense of responsibility towards the seriousness of the subject rather than the hard work itself, that represented the greatest challenge for me. I still feel like I did not even get close to doing justice to the subject, and as much as I don’t like coming up with excuses, had I had more time and any previous experience in animating I would’ve achieved a far better result and made the message a lot clearer and cinematographically more appealing… But what’s done it’s done, I’ll do better next time 🙂 Continue reading