“Uncle Bob Builds a Boat”

1 Bob

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a fun short animation for a private client, doing the concept art, backgrounds and some rotoscoped animation.

2 James

This animation will most probably not run on any TV channels or in cinemas, because the client who commissioned it will only be displaying it as part of his management related presentations, for his 9 to 5 job. To me personally, the extend to which this person was willing to go to bring his vision to life and go the extra mile for his job, is quite inspirational.  3

There he is, doing that sort of work, which in my ignorance I’ve never perceived as being particularly creative, in the most creative kind of way!  Before commissioning me and the super-amazing guys at Ignite Creative to create the animation, the client had already written the story as a pocket-novel, imagining the concept of project management as an analogy with a man’s quest to build a boat. The novel didn’t get published but that didn’t put him down. 4


He decided he’d have it turned into an animation instead, not the generic Flash-animation with simple shapes and speech bubbles you’d expect, but an actual cinematically appealing work. It was quite a challenge for us, the creators, to fit in the tight budget and deliver something beautiful, but I suppose sometimes it’s worth helping passionate people bring their dreams to life.

Bob's yard



Saptamanile care au trecut am lucrat la un scurtmetraj de animatie pentru care am realizat arta conceptuala, fundalurile si cateva secvente de rotoscopie (rotoscoped animation).

Cel mai probabil, animatia aceasta nu va fi difuzata pe nici un canale de televiuzine sau in vreo sala de cinema, deoarece clientul care a comandat-o o va folosi doare pentru a-si sustine prezentarile legate de munca lui de manager. Cu toate astea, personal am fost foarte impresionata de ambitia si dedicatia unui om care face cu mult peste ceea ce meseria lui ii cere si care are o viziune pe care vrea sa o aduca la viata.

In opinia mea, munca pe care o face nu este una foarte creativa (e posibil sa ma insel, oricum nu prea stiu cu ce se mananca meseriile din sfera managementului) si totusi el s-a gandit la o metoda foarte creativa da a livra o prezentare ce ar fi putut fi foarte plictisitoare. Inainte de a ma angaja pe mine si pe baietii de la Ignite Creative sa ii realizam ideea intr-o animatie, el scrisese deja un mic roman pe care chiar a incercat sa il publice. Nu a reusit, insa asta nu l-a descurajat asa ca s-a gandit sa isi aduca ideea la viata printr-o animatie. Nu a vrut nici o animatie oarecare,  realizata cu cateva forme simple in Flash asa cum mai sunt multe altele, ci una cu “appeal” cinematografic. A fost destul de dificil pentru noi, creatorii, sa ne descurcam cu bugetul lui si sa si realizam ceva frumos, asa cum isi dorea, insa uneori se merita sa participi la indeplinirea visului unui om…


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