“The Helper” and WIP steps

Those of you who follow my Facebook page are familiar with my latest illustration, The Helper 🙂

25 - sf duminica copy

You must also know that I promised a short article about the WIP steps, so here it is.

1. Start with a sketch… and an idea 🙂 I’m not very worried about all the details right now because I know they will show a lot more clearly when I scan the drawing and see it on my screen (the lady in black is a dwarf at this stage).


2. Clean up lines and check proportion and composition… adjust as necessary (lady in black is slowly growing to normal proportions)


3. Explore color schemes (the one below is the only example I remembered to save 😦 )


4. Pick the best one and start adding details… pretty much 🙂 Constantly check that colors match the light, the contrasts and values support the center of attention (knowing how to do that implies that you already have the necessary knowledge of color composition. If you don’t, I’m afraid I can’t go into detail about that right now but will put up an article with helpful resources in the future 🙂 )

1- 2

Decide what goes in and what goes out as you go along… Here I decided that an extra panel was necessary to show the man’s expression as he gazes upon the mysterious woman.


And keep adding details 🙂

4 5 6 8 11





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