“Before/after” illustrations and another WIP

Hello everyone! Like I promised a few posts ago, I present to you another W.I.P. steps of an illustration 🙂 I remembered to save the steps halfway through the painting process so I apologize for the lack of more explicit information on the most important stages (such as the jumping from the doodle to the half finished thing ). I promise to have better ones in the future! 😀



I painted this illustration a few weeks ago when I was planning to redo all the illustrations in my graphic novel A Story of Hope for the Bullied, as I want to try and get it published in the future. But after I got a few trusted people told me it’s better to leave them as they were I decided to take it to Internet to hear the voice of the people.

which one

Both on Facebook and Deviantart, the people of Internet cast their votes and the score was tight. In the end, not only did they convinced me that my “before” illustrations looked a lot better, but also got me thinking that my painting style might not actually be progressing in the right direction :-?. If you have a spare moment and wouldn’t mind casting your own vote,  I would love to hear what your impressions are on my two stylistic approaches.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions regarding my WIP steps or the “before/after” illustrations please head over to my Facebook page and ask to your hearts content. I shall be happy to answer ^_^

See you soon! 😉



2 thoughts on ““Before/after” illustrations and another WIP

  1. I like them all! I just think you told more of a story with the afters. Sometimes. I think we just confuse ourselves all the more. I have a terrible time critiquing my own work and redos just show me more of my vision. Good post!


    • Thank you so much Leslie! I have a hard time critiquing my own work as well… I always feel like I’m not doing good enough, but I suppose that is a universal struggle for all artists 🙂


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