So much to learn from history…

For  a few weeks now I’ve been working on the development phase of a graphic novel based on true historical events (deportation of Romanian families to Siberia after Soviet occupation in WWII) all narrated from the perspective of an old woman who was a little girl back then. I decided to choose this subject after I got completely BLOWN AWAY by her extraordinary story.  As much as young people dislike history and as fed up as some other people are with soviet stereotypes overly used by Hollywood, this story is such a breath of fresh air because it is personal, it is unbiased and it speaks so clearly of the power of the human spirit when  guided by true faith… and of the unequaled moral beauty and strength of our grandfathers’ generation. This is definitely a story that has to, needs to be known …

I’m not sure when my novel is going to be finished… but IT WILL BE so help me God! >.<


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