Sketches, scribbles, watercolors


Grandpa Dobri, the old beggar from Bulgaria. Google him… his story is astonishing…


Character below inspired by the novel “Quo Vadis” 




Three caricatures of Liam Neeson in “Kingdom of Heaven”


009 010 011

… and lots and lots of sketches in the airport…

012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019 020 021

Must. Practice. Drawing. Feet

023 024 025 026

On the train…

027 028 029 … and at the supermarket.

030 031 032 033


4 thoughts on “Sketches, scribbles, watercolors

  1. Wow! Thank you for dropping a “Like” over my way so I could check this out! These drawings are so good. …and I have to say that elderly guy with the red cup at the top of this post? So memorable. He is so cool!


    • Thank you so much Leslie! I really appreciate your words!
      The old guy with the red cup was inspired by Grandpa Dobri, the old beggar in Bulgaria who begs and donates everything to orphanages and churches. His story is available on the internet.. quite an awe-inspiring person indeed.
      Thank you so much once again and congratulations on your wonderful work as well! ^_^


  2. Imi plac la nebunie schitele tale, Leti. Ai un mod superb de a prinde caracterele anumitor persoane. Felicitari! > 😀 <

    Imi starnesti curiozitatea. O sa-mi fac si eu un caiet de schite. Sunt curioasa ce poate sa iasa. 😉


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