Sketches, caricatures and croquis

Some work updates! The most challenging and adventurous drawing exercise has got to be sketching people in buses, pubs and restaurants 🙂  Drawing as fast as you can because they constantly change position, trying to be subtle so that they don’t notice and trying not to look like a total freak when they spot you staring at them … fun times indeed 😀

First a portrait, a caricature and some sketches I drew after photo references.


My tutor

This is actually the first caricature I drew after almost 5 years of ever trying my hand at one… I’ll give it another try soon, and hopefully do more of these. Drawing caricatures is waaaaaay harder than it seems… there’s a very thin line between drawing a caricature and making fun of someone’s face, or at least so it seems to me.



And the random people I drew while riding the bus and in a restaurant. First five sketches are drawn with a ball point pen hence the boring line.


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