Concept art and production stills from upcoming project

A few more weeks and I will finally call myself a graduate. 17 years worth of studying, homework and coursework will come to an end and… real life will hit hard with the challenges of job hunting (O_O)

But until then here are some concept designs I did for my final project, a 5 mins long animation 🙂


Battle front At home


It is based on the theme of war (World War II more precisely and the Eastern Front). I have a huge love for history and World War II represents a special chapter for my country’s history and, of course, for the rest of the world. As I have tremendous love and respect for our ancestors, I get really emotional every time I read a letter or a poem sent from the battle front or when I hear the testimonies of war veterans. During my research for the project I have read and listened to countless such stories from the Eastern Front and the injustice that we are doing to those who died in war struck me so hard… by seeing them as only figures and casualties we are dehumanizing them… We owe it to them to read and remember their stories because this way alone will we be able to put a face back on those numbers. The Romanian army was the third largest and most important combatant on the Eastern Front, after the Soviet Union and Germany. At Stalingrad alone 160.000 men perished and yet even today, 70 years later, their remains have not been brought back to the country and not a single cemetery or memorial plate stands there to commemorate their sacrifice… History is subjective and so often unfair. So often the sacrifice of some men is overlooked by history and forgotten, because through the prism of military grandeur they were not worthy of attention…

There is nothing glorious about war… On both sides and in every battle it is humans not numbers that die. On both sides there are fathers, husbands and brothers longing for their homes, hoping to make it back alive. War is not as simple as it is being portrayed by Hollywood. It is not black and white, good versus evil, Elves versus Orcs, Jedis versus Stormtroopers… Allies versus the Axis.

Hopefully once I finish my animation and I can put it up for people to see I will also make a more detailed post about it and share some of the extraordinary stories I have read and heard from our war veterans.


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