Flash graphic novel – “A story of hope for the bullied”

Alright! I’ve abandoned my blog for quite a loooong time now but I’m back with some updates before disappearing again into the battle with uni coursework.

First of all Happy New Year in 2013! 😀

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Please read the full comic here.

My latest project, which is actually a couple of weeks old now, is one of my biggest accomplishments so far and I really am proud and happy that I decided to go along with it, because I had many doubts about it and wanted to stop halfway through a couple of times. I’m glad I didn’t, because it turned out in the end I actually managed to make a difference in some people’s lives and give them a bit of hope, which is what my project aimed to do. It is a flash comic strip dealing with the issue of bullycide or suicides caused by bullying, and I originally created it as an entry for Creativity with a Conscience competition, here in the UK.

I really put my heart and passion into this project and it was all worth it. After I uploaded it on Deviantart it got a lot of attention and even a Daily Deviation and it was also featured in an article on bullyville.com which has got 40 000 views so far. The comments I’ve received on deviantart really melt my heart and I still cannot believe the impact that my story has had on some people. I was even recommended I should print it in a book, which is something I am seriously thinking about doing.

These are some random preview images and the link to the actual flash strip ^_^ (because I’m such a useless dork and can’t figure out how to embed a sfw file here T_T)


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