My first matte painting

 “Reasons to smile”

This is my entry for a Fotolia competition over at DeviantArt and also my very first matte painting 🙂 The challenge was about using one Fotolia stock image to create a post-apocalyptic scene. In my vision in a post-apocalyptic infested world the governments are controlling areas with high level of radiation and diseases and keep contaminated and mutated people quarantined inside. The people in the image are all wearing some sort of GPS system collars which helps the government keep track of their position and not let them outside their towns.

I wasn’t going to enter this competition initially, it’s been posted on Deviantart a couple of weeks ago, but now I’m happy I did. I kind of forced myself to do it due to a project for uni which involves taking part in as many competitions as possible (relevant to the industry we want to work in after graduation and which could enhance our portfolios). So this is probably one of the fastest pieces I have ever produced, I started it on Tuesday evening and finished it Friday morning. It might not sound too impressive for other people but it sure is impressive for me haha since I’ve only had a couple of hours each day to work on it before going to work. I might not win anything but at least it was really good practice. I learned new skills and I’m sure I’ll be using photomanipulation in my works again.They save up so much time and the results can be amazing! This only comes to prove to me how much I need deadline-motivation and an inspirational environment to work in, otherwise my progress will forever be slow XD


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