I just came across an old 4 panel comic strip I had to do for uni in my first year. I really enjoyed this one. It was based on a story I had started to write some years ago, more as a stress-relief than out of need of creating. The characters are a curly-haired girl, a furless rabbit, a koi flying fish that lived in a birds cage and a gianormous baby. Al these characters were actually metaphorical representations of some real people in my life that were more or less causing me some substantial distress 🙂 so I decided to channel my stress into something creative and boy did it feel good! I didn’t get to finish the story though… maybe because the energy flow ended when we parted.

This mini-comic shows the moment when the Baby gets nervous for not getting the attention it wants and swells like a balloon! The last panel is a view of their house from outside.

And some close-ups


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