Some more recent works

These works belong to my most recent phase which I would entitle ” for God sake, hurry up already!! “, aimed at myself of course. I am more conscious of the competitiveness of the industry I aim to break into so I need to put more work into it and improve. I see that the scene is saturated with anime-ish looking girls, big boobs and big guns, but somehow I just can’t start painting that only because it’s popular and required. I might starve in the nearby future due to my stubbornness of painting something different, unique (aren’t we all hoping the same?) something that represents me. I should probably get used to the idea of having to flip burgers until I manage to live off my art.

time flies

This one was a true confidence-booster once finished. It was better than anything I had painted before. It was my entrance for a contest over at DeviantArt, and although I didn’t win anything I learnt a lot, just by making mistakes, experimenting and working towards the deadline.

The he set the boat on fire...

the family of clowns

the queen

new neighbours morning of her very first date

new beginning Persephone The grim reaper the crows

bonding moments4

The cardinals exer2 copy3 vzxc copy copy



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